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Increasing Customer Retention in Commercial Cleaning

Two people measuring the word success.

The sheer volume of data that commercial cleaning companies accumulate can be overwhelming without a way to use it. Read on for strategies on applying metrics to enhance customer experience and boost retention rates.


Decision making based on data rather than just gut instinct can mean the difference between staying in business or going out of business. But while software makes it easy to generate reports, that’s only the first step.  

One way to make sense of these reports is to use key performance indicators (KPIs). According to data solutions consultant Unilytics, a key performance indicator (KPI) should immediately show how the business is doing and what action needs to be taken. 

Because you need to run a commercial cleaning company that works smarter, we are going to look at goals and metrics that you can use to maintain current customers.  

Set SMART Goals

SMART goals are: 

  • Specific 

  • Measurable 

  • Actionable 

  • Relevant 

  • Time-bound 

This defined type of goal-setting makes picking key performance indicators easier because you have already started thinking about how to measure both where you are today and your progress toward your goals. 

The first step to setting SMART goals is understanding where you are. Look at your historical data, including employee logs and customer interactions. If you don’t have any such data, look at industry averages. Next, decide where you want to be at the end of a quarter, year or ten years. 

Identify Critical Success Factors

Critical success factors (CSFs) are actions that you and your team have direct control over. Every item that you put on this list is designed to increase the likelihood of achieving success. 

CSFs for Customer Retention

  • Work Order Response Time: Don’t pass up an opportunity to make yourself look good. If you get to a customer’s work order in record time, it would be beneficial to let that customer know. 

  • Inspection scores by location and item: If you are proactively monitoring these data points, you can identify and solve problems quickly. 

  • Customer survey results: To succeed as a company, it is critical that you listen and adjust to feedback in real time. 

  • Customer outreach: Don’t let your customers forget about you! You should show off the great work your team is delivering while also proactively communicating problems and solutions.

Interested in how Otuvy can transform your customer retention rate? Schedule a demo now and unlock the power of metrics for your business.  


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