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We're creating experiences that prove the impact of a job well done.

Products that unlock your full potential through visibility and recognition.

We began as a commercial cleaning company, deeply familiar with the difficulties facility managers encounter in demonstrating quality work and appreciating frontline staff, drawn from our firsthand experience with our boots on the ground. In 2003, this insight gave rise to CleanTelligent Software, today known as Otuvy.

Now, our solutions have assisted over 105,000 service professionals in delivering top-notch work and gaining recognition through robust data and reporting. As industry pioneers, we are dedicated to relentlessly supporting facility teams in achieving recognition for their hard work. 

We Stick by Our Core Values


Our customers can rely on us as their dedicated partner in realizing and achieving their most ambitious goals – just as we rely on each other.


We are clear, honest, and receptive to new ideas. 


Genuineness is at the core of every interaction we have. We remain authentic to who we are and uphold our professional ethics through everything. 


We show creativity and initiative in the face of challenges. When obstacles arise, we devise innovative solutions instead of giving up.

Outcome Driven

Our top priority is delivering outstanding customer experiences, focusing intensely on the work and projects that contribute most significantly to this objective.

After Two Decades as CleanTelligent Software, We've Evolved into Otuvy - Discover More About Our Rebranding.

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