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Let's get your questions answered

We get it, you want some quick answers. Here is a list of commonly asked questions we receive.

  • Where can I purchase web access to Otuvy Frontline?
    We are currently in Beta testing with several companies, but once we release Otuvy Frontline to the public, you can purchase Otuvy Frontline right here on the website. We made the purchase process as easy and with as little friction as possible, so teams can get started with Otuvy Frontline as soon as possible. Once available, simply: Navigate to Choose your pricing package, along with the number of licenses you need. Click “Purchase” and fill out the forms with your basic information. ...And you’re done. You will have access to your very own admin portal where you can assign licenses, add/subtract licenses, and more.
  • What if I cannot log into my Otuvy Frontline account?
    We want you to get into your account asap. The best and fastest way to solve this is by emailing our support team at
  • What data does Otuvy Frontline collect and why?
    There are a few pieces of data that we collect so we can consistently improve our customer experience. We want to build the most simplistic and effective workflow solution for you to utilize. Email address This allows us to send you a one-time passcode to increase security, allows your manager to include you on the team, and allows for critical alerts when you choose to have alerts sent via email. Photo This allows your team to have a visual of who is assigned to each task or list. One time passcode sent to email This ensures that your lists are secure and only available to you and those you share them with. Entered lists and tasks This allows your team to organize, track, and verify your work. Photos within tasks This allows you to prove that your work is completed well. Notes within tasks This allows you to communicate with team members about any barriers that occur on certain tasks or share helpful related information. Language preference This helps us know in what language to send registrations instructions. Nearest GPS address when a task is checked off Administrators who purchase this software would like to confirm that tasks are checked off while in the correct location.
  • I may need to purchase more than one admin license. Is this possible?
    Yes, you can definitely purchase more than one admin license.
  • Will it be difficult to onboard my employees?
    Not at all! We get that you are busy and want to move with speed when implementing a solution like Otuvy Frontline. In the admin portal, you will provide the first name, last name, email, and preferred language of each Otuvy Frontline user. This can be done by simply uploading an excel spreadsheet with this information. Once this information is uploaded, you will click “Add”, and you’re good to go. An email will be sent to your workforce, so they can download and log into the Otuvy Frontline app.
  • Do I need to talk to Sales before making my purchase?
    No, you do not. You can easily purchase Otuvy Frontline in minutes. But of course, one of our helpful Account Executives would love to be of service if you have any questions during the purchase process.
  • How do I get my team setup after purchasing my licenses?
    Set up your team in the Admin Portal which you will have access to after you purchase the licenses ( This portal is unique to your team. You will be able to manage everything Otuvy Frontline in this portal.
  • My team is expanding, how do I add more licenses?
    Navigate to the People tab in the Admin Portal. Click Add. From here you can add as many licenses as you need. Otuvy Frontline makes it effortless to scale your organization.
  • What if my employee who has a Otuvy Frontline license leaves my organization?
    If the team member leaving is an owner of any lists, you can navigate to the “Lists” section in the Admin Portal and assign the list to someone else in your organization. If you need to, you can also subtract a user license in the Admin Portal as well.
  • Is there a limit to the number of lists and tasks my team can create?
    No, you can create an unlimited number of tasks and lists. However, you do have a storage space limit. You will start off with 50 GB (That’s a lot of storage) for free, but if you go over that, you will be charged an extra fee for every 50 GB you use. This can all be managed and kept track of in the Admin Portal.
  • What if I have billing issues?
    Each inquiry about billing can be unique to the account, payment method, etc. The best and fastest way to solve any billing issues is by emailing our support team at
  • How will I be charged if I add a new license in the middle of a billing cycle?
    The licenses you add will be prorated and will show up accordingly on your next billing date.
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