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Let's get your questions answered

We get it, you want some quick answers. Here is a list of commonly asked questions we receive.

  • What is Otuvy, and how does it work?
    Otuvy is a brand with a product lineup that includes Otuvy QM and Otuvy Frontline, both of which are software solutions tailored for facility service organizations. Otuvy QM is dedicated to quality management, providing managers and leaders with the necessary features to enhance quality planning, control, and assurance. In contrast, Otuvy Frontline is specifically designed for the daily use of frontline workers and supervisors to streamline day to day operations. Together, these products facilitate organization, tracking, and verification of work, ensuring seamless operation and high standards of service delivery.
  • What kind of resources or support does Otuvy offer its customers?
    Otuvy is renowned in the industry for its award-winning support team. Additionally, Otuvy Ignite, our world-class onboarding program for new customers, provides comprehensive coaching and self-service resources designed to help you achieve significant successes within the first 45 days of using Otuvy products. Furthermore, our convenient help site is always available for you to connect with our support team or explore our resource center.
  • How does Otuvy ensure the privacy and security of its users?
    Data security and privacy are our top priorities. Otuvy products are built with robust encryption, compliance with data protection regulations, and advanced security features to protect your data. We regularly update our security practices and conduct audits to ensure the highest levels of data protection.
  • Can I customize my experience or services with Otuvy?
    Certainly! We offer three pricing packages, available for purchase on either a monthly or annual basis. Otuvy products themselves are fully customizable to meet any facility organization’s needs. Additionally, we provide a variety of add-ons, including job scheduling, admin assistance, QR codes, and more, to ensure that each facility team can tailor the service to their unique needs. Our goal is to ensure you receive only the products that deliver value to you.
  • Is there a trial period of Otuvy, and how can I sign up for it?
    While we don’t provide free trials, we’re happy to offer deep dive product demos so you can see the features and advantages firsthand before deciding. For more information or to schedule your demo, please reach out to our sales team.
  • What are the pricing plans for Otuvy, and what do they include?
    We offer three pricing packages tailored to meet diverse needs: Starter – Ideal for teams looking to streamline their daily task management and progressively enhance quality. Business Pro – Designed for organizations aiming to maintain a real-time overview of their facilities through efficient work order management, while also refining task and quality management processes. Enterprise Plus – The ultimate package for organizations seeking comprehensive features to impress clients or build trust with key stakeholders. It provides all the tools needed to elevate quality, streamline daily operations, and elevate proactive facility management to new heights.
  • What should I do if I’m experiencing technical issues with Otuvy?
    We’ll get you sorted as soon as quickly as possible. Please visit our Help Site or contact our product support team by emailing
  • How can I provide feedback or suggest features for future updates of Otuvy?
    Send us feedback about any Otuvy product, connect with the community, upvote and track the progress of popular feature requests, and review our changelog all from our new canny portal at
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