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CleanTelligent Software is Now Otuvy℠

Learn More About the Change and Get the First Look at Our New Task Management Application.

CleanTelligent Rebrands as Otuvy℠: Celebrating 20 Years with a New Name and a New Product

CleanTelligent is thrilled to announce the rebranding of CleanTelligent Software, a prominent name in the cleaning industry over the last 20 years for its quality and janitorial management software. Going forward, the company will be known as Otuvy, representing a strategic shift towards an even more innovative and efficient approach to serving on-site and field service personnel.  


The decision to rebrand to Otuvy is rooted in the company’s long-standing commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of its customers and embracing the dynamic landscape of the industry. Despite the name change, Otuvy remains steadfast in its core values, dedication to quality, and relentless pursuit of excellence.  

Otuvy which stands for “Outcomes to Verify,” encapsulates the company’s vision for the future. As they embark on this innovative and fresh start, Otuvy is excited to expand its products to new industries in the services sector while continuing to grow alongside its existing customers.  


Otuvy is also launching a new groundbreaking platform called Otuvy Frontline, designed to transform the way service professionals manage their work. Caden Hutchens, CEO of Otuvy, explains that the app was developed with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by on-site and field service personnel who are on the frontlines.  

“Otuvy Frontline aims to empower employees by promoting accountability, clarity, and recognition for a job well done. By placing the power of work management in the hands of every single employee, not just management, the app minimizes the need for constant follow-ups and repetitive instructions, ultimately enhancing efficiency.” 


While Otuvy QM (the platform formerly known as CleanTelligent Software) will continue to cater to facility management professionals, Otuvy Frontline targets all service professionals across various industries on the frontline including cleaning, maintenance, construction, landscaping, safety and security, and so much more.  


The app is customizable, enabling users to tailor it to their specific needs. Furthermore, the app's reporting feature provides real-time insights into team performance, empowering managers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations. 

Clients can rest assured that the transition from CleanTelligent Software to Otuvy will be seamless, with uninterrupted access to accounts and data. The Otuvy team is diligently working to ensure a smooth transition, and the support team is readily available to answer any questions. 

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