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Deliver Quality Work and Show It Off.

Otuvy bridges facility managers and frontline teams with data, cutting missed tasks and wowing clients and stakeholders, all while saving you time and money.

Software Solutions for a Job Well Done

Enjoy solutions so user-friendly, your team will be eager to use them every day.

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Otuvy for

Task Management

Otuvy Frontline℠ is a software solution that simplifies organizing, tracking, and verifying your frontline team's work, ensuring a job well done with ease.

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Otuvy for

Quality Management

Otuvy QM℠ (fka CleanTelligent) is a platform that streamlines and simplifies quality management. Deliver exceptional work and impress key stakeholders.

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Helping organizations to deliver quality work and unlock deserved recognition

What Wicomico Public Schools has to say

"Data from Otuvy QM enables me to provide better tools, equipment, and processes to make it easier for my employees to do their jobs."

Chad Mackley

Facilities Operations  Manager


Inspections and work orders submitted.


Service locations that have operated with Otuvy℠.


20+ years serving the industry

Otuvy℠ helps facilities teams organize, track, and verify their work with ease for a job well done.

Total frontline and management users.

Designed for 
Facility Service Organizations

Otuvy℠ supports managers and frontline workers as they tackle the tough, gritty tasks needed to keep their facilities in top shape – sweat, dirt, and a bit of grunt work included.

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Commercial Buildings

Revamp your quality management program, enhance frontline productivity, and eliminate cleaning deficiencies.

K-12 and Universities

Enhance maintenance and uplift frontline morale in universities and K-12 schools, showcasing results to administrators and boards.

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Optimize healthcare operations, empower your team for maximum efficiency, and create a secure, stress-free patient environment.

Government Sites

Achieve government compliance with ease using Otuvy's cost-effective solutions for streamlined communication and essential maintenance tasks.

Accomplish more with Otuvy℠ 

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