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Otuvy bridges building service contractors and employees with quality and operational data, wowing clients and prospects, all while saving you time and money.
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Otuvy Frontline℠ is a software solution that simplifies organizing, tracking, and verifying your frontline team's work, ensuring a job well done every time.

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Otuvy QM℠ (fka CleanTelligent) is a platform that streamlines and simplifies quality management. Deliver exceptional work and impress customers and prospects.

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Red Densmore

Free Resource

Build Trust and Boost Revenue with the BSC Client Relationship Scorecard

Smarter tools to scale your cleaning business operations

Promise and Deliver Quality

Conduct customized inspections and manage work orders seamlessly in one location. Convert these activities into data points, enabling you to identify trends and enhance your service quality further. For a cherry on top, show your work off by sending reports to your clients and prospects.

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Boost Employee Productivity

Create and assign tasks and checklists to your frontline teams, providing clear instructions and insights for every assignment. This approach ensures tasks are completed both efficiently and effectively. To top it off, use Employee Scorecards to assess individual performance, allowing you to acknowledge top achievers and make adjustments where necessary.

Experience World Class Onboarding

While our products are designed for straightforward adoption by both managers and employees, we're committed to supporting you beyond the signing of the contract. Benefit from our top-tier implementation program, aimed at securing your success within the first 45 days of onboarding. We value our partnership and are dedicated to helping you achieve success fast!


What Wicomico Public Schools has to say

"Data from Otuvy QM enables me to provide better tools, equipment, and processes to make it easier for my employees to do their jobs."

Chad Mackley

Facilities Operations  Manager

Results You Can Count On

Our customers are real trailblazers in the commercial cleaning industry. They leverage Otuvy to surpass their organization's most ambitious targets. The proof is in the numbers! Grab our case studies and dive into their success stories for yourself.

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Increased Employee Efficiency

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Hours Saved In Reporting

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Inspections performed and work orders submitted

Otuvy By The Numbers


Service locations operated with Otuvy

Why Choose Otuvy

105k Users

We have a proven history of delivering results for leaders, managers, and employees of cleaning companies.

20+ Years In Business

Fun fact, our founders started as Building Service Contractors. They brought years of industry experience to the table to craft a product that's still pushing the envelope on innovation.

Comprehensive Solutions

Otuvy is designed to support everyone – from employees and middle managers to leadership – in getting their work done as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Award Winning Support

Whether Otuvy is your first software purchase or you've struggled with adopting other platforms before, rest easy knowing our award-winning support team will guide you through every step of the way.

You probably have a ton of questions

How can this innovative solution transform your service delivery and day-to-day operations? How can Otuvy supercharge your existing processes? You might even be wondering about pricing packages. Rest assured, our sales team is excited and ready to answer any of your burning questions.

Explore solutions to your bottlenecks and challenges

Dive into use cases for your organization 

Get all of the product and pricing info you need 

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