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Management Tools for Facility Service Teams

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Become an effective manager of your cleaning crew with these tips – and learn how quality and task management software can tip the scales.  

Using Facility Management Software to Your Advantage


Between bringing in new business, training employees, overseeing work orders, task delegation and managing client and stakeholder expectations, leaders of janitorial teams are captains of a complicated ship. 

With all of this to balance, managers can quickly become inundated with tasks. That’s where putting proper systems in place can make the difference. At Otuvy we have developed powerful quality and task management solutions that can help you manage and streamline these responsibilities. But while capable technology makes a world of difference in facility management, it is not a replacement for a strong leader.  

Powerful Leaders Meet Powerful Software

The Otuvy team has designed quality and task management to help facility managers, but the following tips can help you whether you use our software (even though you should definitely be using Otuvy QM and Otuvy Frontline


Communicate your top priority 

While you always hope your employees are eager to complete the tasks before them, you need to do your part as the manager and ensure they know what to do. Employees that don’t understand the why behind their tasks, or have an incomplete list of work to do, are less productive and less effective.  

Task management software can simplify assigning tasks and disseminating information about projects. Managers need to communicate clearly what tasks are top priority, and include instructions where necessary so tasks can be completed smoothly.  

Be realistic about what your team can accomplish 

No matter how ambitious your employees are, or how well they understand priorities, or how carefully you have assigned tasks, they can’t empty one hundred trashcans in five minutes. 

You may be tempted to take on additional project for revenue or accepting new standards from stakeholders, overbooking your team will eventually lead to disappointed stakeholders and burned out employees.  

With Otuvy, you can manage expectations both internally and externally so that stakeholders can see proof of work, and you can understand what it takes for your team to accomplish that work. That information is going to help you advocate for you and your team.  


Recognize a job well done 

Your team works hard to provide stakeholders and building patrons with sparkling floors, spotless bathrooms, and tidy hallways. The best way to encourage consistently great work is to let your team know when you are noticing their great work.  

Otuvy’s employee scorecards allow you to keep track of each employee’s wins so you can reward your best workers.  

At Otuvy we believe the best teams consist of the right people utilizing the right tools. Learn more today!


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