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Powerful (Yet Simple) Task Management Solutions for Facility Service Teams

Whether you're working in facilities, on a job site, or in the field, managing your employees can get hectic. Establish your workflow with checklists, before and after photos, due dates, and more.

The Easy-to-Use App that Gives Power to your Employees

Otuvy Frontline℠ allows you and your team to organize, track, and verify work at the touch of your fingertips. From the job site to an office.

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Task Management for a Hard Day's Work: Get the Job Done Right


Operate Smoothly

A lack of organization and structure in your workflow leads to tasks slipping through the cracks. From here, you will need to spend time and money to fix those mistakes. Using a simple, all-in-one app to manage your work through checklists will ensure your team is primed for success and operates smoothly.
Address your hard-working team's questions and concerns from a single app. Even if they're on site completing a job.
Real time insights into what the team is doing with a centralized operations center - giving you more time to lead.
Say goodbye to pen and paper, complex software, and files upon files of excel spreadsheets. Otuvy Frontline℠ is a simple, all-in-one platform.
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Eliminate Missed Work

As a leader and operator of a service team, you need to provide clarity, direction, and guidance with each task. If not, work won't get done. Easily assign tasks with due dates and track progress in real-time.
Keep your team on track and distraction-free with their own digital checklist.
Track and share task completion from anywhere with real time progress bar updates.
Set the standard for high performance. Give clarity to your team on how they can achieve success in their job.
Paperless documentation and simple task management allows you to track confidently.
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Confidently Delegate Work

Do you need a way to prove to your clients, stakeholders, and higher-ups that your team completed its work? Enter Otuvy Frontline. Digital checklists turn into reports with notes, dates, timestamps, and before and after photos.
Handle complaints and blame like a pro. Use your completed checklists with before and after photos to prove the work.
Document time stamps for every task to prove work is done in a logical timeframe.
Your frontline employees need an ultra-simple way to check tasks off. Otuvy Frontline℠ is the easiest task management app to use on the market.

Skyrocket Employee Engagement

Your team gets down and dirty completing tasks on the frontlines all day. And they should be recognized for it. Track individual performance so you can reward your team and make them feel appreciated.
Show off your team's performance to customers and stakeholders with reporting.
Use an employee scorecard to recognize or bonus for 100% completion of tasks over any time frame.
Set up a performance management plan that measures success in every department.
Create a culture where employees know exactly how to succeed in their role.

Upgrade your Task Management Processes

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