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Your quality management system – centralized.  

Guarantee facility-wide quality with custom inspections, streamlined work orders, QR codes, and intuitive reporting, to fuel your data-driven decisions. 

Your Established Systems Built Into Proven Software

Set up your dream quality management system and optimize it as you please with no limitations. Ditch the mounds of paperwork and cookie-cutter software. 


Deliver Top-Quality Work - Accept Nothing Less


Set Your Standard for Quality

Throughout your organization, it's essential to have a unified understanding of what quality truly means. Utilize insights from inspection data, work order response times, and feedback from patrons and clients to inform and refine your quality planning processes. Effective planning is key to achieving enhanced results. 
Centralize and fully tailor Otuvy QM to your needs.
Set up custom grading scales in your inspections to identify deficiencies.
Get ahead on preventative maintenance with easy job scheduling.

Data Driven Systems

Customize your facility's quality assurance with Otuvy QM, leveraging real data for specific training and protocols. Drive accountability and efficiency with data-based strategies.
Automate inspection deficiencies into work orders for maximum efficiency.
Rapid and efficient onboarding deployment process so you can see results quicker. 
Fully custom inspections, so you can ensure compliance and industry standards.
Ensure your processes and documented digitally for easy access and tracking.

Deliver Quality Work Efficiently 

As a facility professional utilizing Otuvy QM, this is where you excel. Conduct fully customized inspections, efficiently manage work orders, and respond to client and stakeholder feedback seamlessly. Enhance your management of facilities, buildings, and assets with straightforward and effective quality control, all integrated within Otuvy QM. 
Easily perform audits and inspections anywhere, anytime.
Manage and track work orders from request to completion.
Use QR codes in your facility for real-time feedback and inventory management.

Enhance Your Quality Processes

Utilize inspection and work order data for insightful reports and dashboards, quickly identifying and rectifying inefficiencies to improve efficiency and demonstrate value.
Prove your value to clients and stakeholders with reports.
Improve your employee training with real performance data.
Recognize your employees for positive inspection scores and improvements in work order response times.
Track increases and decreases in key metrics through any span of time.

Upgrade your Quality Management Processes

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