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Boost Efficiency and Compliance in Government Facilities

Meet government standards and regulations efficiently by streamlining communication and key maintenance tasks with cost-effective solutions, all through Otuvy. 

Keep Municipal Facilities Safe for Your Community

Boost safety and efficiency in your municipal and government buildings with Otuvy. Tackle critical, often-missed maintenance tasks, streamline workflows, reduce labor costs, and speed up service completion for improved community service. 


Maintain compliance with local, state, and federal safety and health regulations in municipal buildings by conducting inspections, streamlining service requests, and more, using Otuvy QM.

Key Tools to Prioritize Quality in Municipal Buildings

Streamlined Operations

Deficiencies found in inspections automatically generate work orders for your team to take action.

Employee Engagement

Track your team's daily tasks with digital checklists and generate reports to verify task completion.

AI Powered Lists

Quickly create and dispatch task lists to your team in just 30 seconds, utilizing the best facility management practices from around the world.

Facility Pros Ensuring Safety in their Community


"The data and information we are able to utilize provide us with the ability to see the impact and how employees are performing ."

Brandi Emmons-Powell

Director of Quality Development


Transform the Way You Manage Your Municipal Facilities

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