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Keep Patients Safe and Cut Costs – All at Once 

Streamline operations at your healthcare facility, empower your team to achieve peak efficiency, and ensure a secure and stress-free environment for patients with Otuvy. 

Enhance your Healthcare Facility’s Environment 

Prioritize the safety of your patients and medical staff by addressing often neglected cleaning and maintenance. Streamline your environmental service team's workflow with Otuvy to reduce labor costs, accelerate work order completion, and ensure comprehensive task fulfillment, enhancing the overall healthcare environment. 


Conduct consistent inspections, manage documentation effectively, and implement corrective measures to uphold safety standards using Otuvy QM.

Otuvy QM Branded Laptop BI.png

Essential Tools to Keep Patients and Staff Safe

Data and Insights

Reduce risks with informed, data-driven choices. Generate custom reports in Otuvy QM to demonstrate facility performance to key stakeholders.

Employee Empowerment

Guide your environmental team towards success with Otuvy Frontline. Monitor their daily performance to appropriately reward or make necessary adjustments.

AI Powered Lists

Use built in AI to create task lists in seconds to then dispatch to your team for maximum efficiency.

Environmental Service Pros are Thriving with Otuvy


"The data and information we are able to utilize provide us with the ability to see the impact and how employees are performing ."

Brandi Emmons-Powell

Director of Quality Development


Transform the Way You Manage Your Healthcare Facility

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