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Built with Ultimate Simplicity
that's Simply Ultimate

Make it easy for your team to organize, track, verify, and recognize your team's work with Otuvy Frontline℠.

Task Assignments Make Expectations Crystal Clear


Guarantee every employee knows exactly what needs to get done and when. Create a list of necessary tasks and add due dates that assigned employees can access.


Tasks can be one-time or recurring so it’s easy to keep track of the entire team no matter where their work takes them.  

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Add Photos to Prove

Job Completion

Prove the work is being done, and being done well, by adding before and after photos to completed tasks.


When employees upload photos and attach them to a specific task you can recognize and reward star employees, as well as instantly discover areas of opportunity.  Managers can verify work has been completed to standard without traveling to the job site. 

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Instructions and Notes Increase Clarity


Stop wasting time playing  telephone with employees by keeping all task information in one place.


Managers and frontline workers can add instructions or notes to each task, so questions and answers are all in the same, easy to access place.  

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Streamline Communication with Shared Lists

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Keep track of your entire organization by sharing lists from team to team. Even when changes to project scope or employee turnover occurs, your lists will remain intact and easy to access, keeping projects on schedule. 


Each list can be sent to other admins, managers, and frontline employees alike. Manage more people with less stress.  

Reports and Scorecards are the Key to Excellence

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Reduce turnover, skyrocket employee engagement, and address areas of opportunity  with Otuvy Frontline's reports and scorecards. 

Reporting enables you to keep track of productivity and prove your value to clients. Scorecards provide each employee with a score, so you can celebrate the successful and support anyone falling short of expectations. 


Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

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