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Why Your Cleaning Business Needs Business Intelligence

Laptop computer with graphs displayed while someone is typing.

On the fence about Business Intelligence software? Just not sure how it works? Read on to learn more about it and why it is critical for a cleaning business’s success.

There have been several nibbles on your fishing line, but each one has caught you off guard and the fish keep getting away.


You have tried to catch a glimpse of approaching fish but all you can see is the glare of the sunlight on the deep blue water. It’s been very discouraging! But someone finally hands you a pair of polarized sunglasses and then you can more easily see, anticipate and hook the fish.


Problems with your cleaning business can be the same way. A lot of the time, you can’t see the underlying factors unless you have the right tools for detecting them. You need that pair of polarized sunglasses – or in this case Business Intelligence software.  

Industry reports reveal that two of the top challenges for

commercial cleaning companies will be managing and analyzing data. 

Get ahead of the struggle by utilizing Business Intelligence to increase your awareness and problem-solving capabilities within your business. 

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a tool that simplifies the process of data collection and reviewing data so critical information can be more easily presented to decision makers.  

Infographics, charts, and graphs all illustrate the data, making it easy. This visualization simplifies data-driven decision making. 

Is Business Intelligence Worth It?

Cleaning business owners who can consistently get imperative information in front of them have a hidden advantage over the competition. They also: 

  • Enjoy greater customer awareness. Leaders are more aware of areas of opportunity and resources to improve their services.  

  • Hold fewer meetings. Leaders and managers can focus on the most important issues and address them right away without formal meetings.  

  • Boost customer retention rates. Better communication with clients strengthens their trust in you, encouraging them to stick around longer.  

Technology is the future

We have heard some cleaning business owners say that they can operate just fine without software or online tools because they already have for the past few decades. 

But the fact of the matter is that the growing trends of technology will only continue to invade every area of cleaning business operations in the coming years. 

Those who integrate technology into their operations now will have a much greater potential to survive and stay competitive in the future. BI is also more affordable and user-friendly than ever before. Seriously, consider the results that BI software could bring to your cleaning business. 

Don’t settle for fishing without those polarized sunglasses!

Interested in learning more about Business Intelligence? Schedule a call. 


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