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Overcoming Obstacles to Using New Technology

Business people smiling and looking at a laptop.

Despite the challenges of adopting software, businesses stand to gain with sufficient investment and training.  

Adopting new technology has many benefits, including increased productivity and (by extension) a great ability to impress prospective clients and existing stakeholders. The long-term pluses for new, innovative technology far outweigh the initial costs of purchasing and implementing the software in the first place.

On the flip side, adopting new software certainly has its obstacles and drawbacks. An organization that is unable to overcome these obstacles will quickly find that the technology (no matter how great it is, or how beneficial it could be for the company) is not meeting organization goals and becomes a waste of time and money.  

Adopting Technology Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

These two common obstacles trip up many organizations trying to adopt new software, but with our tips you can avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the benefits software offers.  

Lack of Familiarity with New Technology 

In the janitorial industry, many facility managers have been operating with pen and paper for years. Switching to a process where managers assign tasks on mobile or employees use mobile to do inspections, can be a big change. 

But effective and thorough training can be a gamechanger. Even if it takes a bit longer to retrain employees with the technology, every minute spent will be paid back.  

Resistance to Change 

Embracing new technology is the key to staying ahead but there are always some employees that will resist change. As the manager and leader, you can help them adjust by keeping them in the loop about upcoming changes and providing them with enough time to learn and implement the software.

Taking the plunge and embracing new technology is exactly that – taking a plunge. There may be those times where you feel intimated or overwhelmed while adopting new software. Carefully implemented technology will benefit you and your organization if you let it.  


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