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Factors that Increase Cleaning Employee Turnover

Cartoon of a person standing next to an exit door.

We don’t have to tell you that cleaning staff turnover is a problem, but we will anyway. 

Industry estimates put the turnover rate at 200%. So, if you replace your cleaning staff twice a year, you’re not alone. You know your employees are leaving, but do you know why?


While every employee has their own reasons for leaving your organization, we’ve identified three major factors that increase cleaning employee turnover.  

Limited advancement opportunities 

Imagine clocking in day after day, doing your thing, but never getting the chance to move up. That would get old.  

Without any clear path for growth or learning new skills, it’s no wonder some cleaners start seeking green pastures. It’s time we start giving our cleaners the chance to shine and grow in their careers.  

Lack of Recognition and Appreciation  

In the world of cleaning, recognition of employees can go a long way.  

Feeling undervalued and overlooked for doing essential work can zap motivation. And it’s not just about a pat on the back. It’s about feeling respected and being acknowledged for the effort you put in.  

Without an employee recognition program, your best employees may not feel motivated to be their best. Employee scorecards make it easy to identify and reward your best employees.  

Communication Issues 

If your employees aren’t doing the right thing, building service contractors might need to look over how tasks are being communicated to the frontline worker. When communication gaps become a persistent problem, employees are likely to become frustrated and head for the door.  

As manager, be proactive about documenting expectations and diligent about checking in with your employees.  

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