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Efficient Landscaping Operations, Profitable Projects

Gain full project oversight with Otuvy Frontline's simple task management solutions. Identify real-time bottlenecks and areas for improvement, ensuring your projects are executed flawlessly.

Produce Impressive Results with Quality Management Software

Maintaining high-quality standards is essential to satisfy your clients and ensure longevity in your work. Reduce errors in big projects with inspections and reports.


Plan Client-Centric Projects

Precisely manage your client’s scope of work directly in
Otuvy Frontline℠.
Assign tasks to team members and schedule them efficiently with due dates and timelines.
Reduce miscommunication with real-time collaboration in a centralized place. 
Give clarifying notes to a task for accurate execution and promised results. 
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"Otuvy Frontline reduces employee calls to their managers by 50%. Time has freed up for me and managers to focus on building the business."
- Otuvy Frontline Beta User, Landscaping Business Owner

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Track Important Tasks 

Centralize your team’s workflow, ensuring efficient tracking of each task from start to finish. 
Effortlessly streamline communication between frontline employees and managers for seamless coordination of tasks. 
Run periodic reports to ensure projects get done on time – big or small. 
Wave goodbye to confusing task management procedures – say hello to a simple and effective user experience with Otuvy Frontline℠. 

Create a Positive and Rewarding Work Environment

43% of landscaping business owners worry that quality labor shortage will slow their business's growth in the next three years.

Source: NALP


Lead Your Employees to Success

Streamline your landscaping to-dos with easy-to-navigate checklists.
Automate status reports – say goodbye to time-consuming follow ups. 
Reward and recognize your hard-working employees with the power of Employee Scorecards.
Your team wouldn’t appreciate broken hand tools or equipment – the same goes for your task management processes.
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Wow Your Customers with Quality Work

Ensure the customer gets exactly what they paid for without missing a single detail.
Capture and showcase your team’s transformations with before and after photos.
Verify deficiencies are resolved before wrapping up projects.
Keep your clients informed by delivering regular projects updates through Customer Reports.

Get Your Landscaping Projects Done with Otuvy Frontline


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