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Streamlining Maintenance Work Made Easy 

Stay on top of reactive tasks and routine assignments by streamlining communication with your team members and contractors, all in Otuvy Frontline℠. 

Provide a Safe Facility with Quality Management Software

Fully customizable inspections to help maintain your facility's health and ensure your resources are optimized for efficiency. Use work orders to keep track and take care of reactive tasks.


Conquer Task Management Challenges

Easily keep track of reactive and routine maintenance tasks - no more fumbling in the dark!
Make job assignments crystal clear for team members, departments, and external contractors.
Create task lists, assign them to your team, and let them take ownership of their work.
Set deadlines on tasks so maintenance requests do not slip through the cracks.
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Organize Your Work for Fewer Downtimes and Happier for Facility Go-ers

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Operate at Lightning Speed

Create task lists in seconds, taking on urgent requests like a calculated pro.
Sort, organize, and tackle tasks based on deadlines.
Get notified in real time when urgent tasks are completed.
Stay proactive by setting up routine maintenance with daily, weekly, or monthly recurrences.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

63% of Facility Managers use Data Analytics to Increase their Productivity

Source: Vizito


Data Analysis Made Easy

Stay on track of completion dates, time to complete a task, and task owners.
Use recognition to course correct or reward individuals.
Reduce your time to report on facilities to higher-ups and key stakeholders.
Make data-driven decisions to maintain the health and safety of your facility.
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Centralize Your Maintenance History

Record and store your maintenance history in a centralized place.
Easily access notes and dates when tasks were completed.
Reference before and after photos to prove the work got done.
Use checklists to track and maintain equipment assets.

Level Up Your Facility Maintenance Team

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