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Build Success Brick by Brick
Unlock Project Efficiency with Otuvy Frontline℠

An all-in-one task management app to keep your team productive and on task, eliminate missed work, and reduce stress for managers

Overcome Chaos on the Jobsite

Create, assign, and track tasks from your phone, easily streamlining scheduling and improving time management. 
Set priorities and monitor progress in real-time, as project scope, schedules, and employees change you can solve problems on the go.
Get a comprehensive view of workload and progress so you can optimize available resources and man hours. 
Instantly re-assign tasks and adjust deadlines from your phone.  
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Stay on Track, Beat the Clock: No More Missed Deadlines for Your Crew


Build Bridges with Stakeholders
and Employees

Enjoy seamless, real time task updates and new information thanks to notifications and progress bar updates.
Your on-site team can attach notes and photos to keep you in the loop when changes inevitably occur. 
Build trust with higher-ups, stakeholders, and other team members with easy to use reporting that demonstrates the value of your team.
Save time with easy to share automated reporting. 

Engaged Employees are More Productive

63% of U.S. Workers are unengaged at work due to lack of support and a positive connection with their employer, resulting in declining productivity. 

Source: Vizito


Pave the Path to Perfection

Attach photos to tasks so on site employees can access relevant information as needed.
Easily track and manage safety tasks for OSHA compliance 
Reports help you recognize employees that need correction or support.
Employees can provide documentation in the form of notes and images directly in the app.
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Centralize Your
Project Management

Record and store project history in a single place.
Easily access notes and dates when tasks were completed.
Reference before and after photos to prove the work got done.
Use checklists to track and maintain equipment assets, as well as necessary documentation.

Build a Path to Success with Otuvy Frontline℠

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