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The Quality Management System Designed for Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Guarantee company-wide quality with custom inspections, streamlined work orders, QR codes, and intuitive reporting, to deliver top-notch work to clients.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Quality Management System 

Let’s do a quick check-in on the issues you might be running into. If any of these hurdles sound familiar, quality management software could change the game for your team.

Relying on Pen and Paper

Your system relies on outdated documentation procedures which creates confusion in workflows and impossible to recognize trends to enhance your service delivery. 


What is an Electronic Quality Management System (eQMS)?

Software like Otuvy QM is like having a digital command center at the heart of your facility, streamlining quality management and ensuring peak performance. It streamlines all your quality processes into one cohesive, user-friendly platform, much like a highly efficient, organized, and tirelessly working digital assistant.

Automate and streamline documents and workflows, simplifies processes, saving time and reducing errors.

Ensure compliance with regulations so your service delivery meets industry standards effortlessly. 


Facilitates seamless communication and coordination across teams, enhancing productivity and quality. 

Are you ready to transform your service delivery with an eQMS?

Is Otuvy QM the right fit for you? 

Otuvy QM is the leading eQMS, trusted by thousands of leaders in the commercial cleaning space. It sets the benchmark for service delivery, identifies quality trends, and builds trust with clients and prospects.

"We’re able to look at real time information that gives us real time answers. That enables us to perform better, train better, and become more transparent to our customer.”

Brandi Emmons-Powell 

Director of Quality Development 


*Otuvy QM is formerly known as CleanTelligent Software.

Custom Features to Promise Quality in Your Facilities

Run your quality management program like a seasoned pro. Conduct game-changing inspections, streamline work orders, and build insightful reports. All in one platform. 

Custom Inspections

Perform audits with fully tailored inspections. You determine what gets inspected, how often inspections occur, what grading scale is being used, and everything in between.

  • Increased customer satisfaction 

  • Improved compliance and safety 

  • Identify deficiencies and bottlenecks in processes 


Commercial Cleaning Pros Who Are Pushing the Boundaries with Otuvy QM:

"Our new program allows us to monitor buildings, equipment, quality, people and performance, thus making it easier for us to keep our clients happy, our people accountable, and our quality where it needs to be. I can say without any doubt, Otuvy QM has been a big help to our company."

Red Densmore

"In our experience, big-name prospects make it apparent that they are not only buying into a person, but they are buying into the preparation and the follow-through that Otuvy QM can give us."

Scott Pedersen

"We are able to schedule all work projects in Otuvy QM for over 150 grocery store locations. This turned a messy job into an easy click of a button. Scheduling helps us to stay completely organized as we track our progress and improve. Keeping people happy has never been easier."

George Brodnicki


Stop Wasting Time and Money with Ineffective Processes 

Upgrade Your Quality Management Today

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