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Powerful (Yet Simple) Task Management Solutions for Facility Service Employees

Stop wasting money and time on chaotic day-to-day operations. Establish an organized workflow with task lists, assign them to your team, and watch the magic happen as the job gets done smoothly. 

Say Goodbye to Less Efficient Ways of Task Management

Let's take a moment to touch base on any challenges you might be facing. If any of these obstacles ring a bell, implementing task management software could be a game-changer for your team. 

Missed Deadlines

If tasks consistently aren't completed on time, it's a sign that your task management process may not be effective. This could result in delays in service delivery or project completion. 


What does Task Management Software Look Like for Facilities Teams?

Using software like Otuvy Frontline is comparable to having a compass while hiking. It provides clear direction for each step of the journey. Your frontline teams shouldn't have to guess their tasks; they require a streamlined, digital system that assigns tasks, guides completion, and notifies when done, ensuring they receive due recognition for their dedication.  


Smooth Operations


Quicker Task Completion


Engaged Employees

Ready to revolutionize frontline leadership with task management software?

Is Otuvy Frontline the right fit for you?

Otuvy Frontline is a revolutionary solution crafted for facility professionals. Effectively communicate expectations to your frontline teams, ensuring clarity on tasks at hand. Monitor progress to swiftly address any hurdles, guaranteeing smooth operations. Verify timely task completion, then boost engagement and motivation by recognizing and rewarding frontline employees for their hard work. 

Features to Maximize Productivity and Efficiency on the Frontlines

Elevate your facilities operations with features tailored specifically for teams like yours. Effortlessly create and assign task lists to your team within minutes. Track and verify their work using before and after photos, time stamps, and real time notifications. Afterwards, run Reports and Employee Scorecards to demonstrate the completion of the job. 

Create and Assign Task and Lists

Easily create tasks and organize them into lists. Once ready, you can assign them to your employees and managers. As a bonus, you can mass upload lists and tasks to save time.

  • Increased efficiency saving leaders time and money 

  • Improved productivity through clear delegation of tasks 

  • Save time in manual processes by digitizing daily operations 


Facility Teams Who Are Transforming Streamlining Operations:

"Our new program allows us to monitor buildings, equipment, quality, people and performance, thus making it easier for us to keep our clients happy, our people accountable, and our quality where it needs to be. I can say without any doubt, Otuvy QM has been a big help to our company."

Red Densmore

"In our experience, big-name prospects make it apparent that they are not only buying into a person, but they are buying into the preparation and the follow-through that Otuvy QM can give us."

Scott Pedersen

"We are able to schedule all work projects in Otuvy QM for over 150 grocery store locations. This turned a messy job into an easy click of a button. Scheduling helps us to stay completely organized as we track our progress and improve. Keeping people happy has never been easier."

George Brodnicki


Ensure the Job Gets Done and Engage Your Employees

Upgrade Your Task Management Today

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